Calendar Girls & other women

Calendar Girls

Twelve ladies, all members of the volleyball club LEEVOC from Leeuwarden, have posed as a Calendar Girl to raise money for a charity. I have used the twelve photos to create a set of new calendar girls. The paintings are quite small (18 x 13 cm only) and painted with acrylic on canvas. (photos by Sander Versteeg)




The portraits of ten women from ten different countries shown below are all painted on canvas and are all of similar size (50 x 40 cm). But different techniques have been used: acrylic (nos 1, 2, 4, 8) and oil paint (nos 3, 6, 10), high-gloss paint (no 7), coloured pencil (no 5) and charcoal & crayon (no 9). They are all titled ‘woman’ but in the language of their country.

1. Kadin (Turkey),    2. Kobieta (Poland),    3. Vrouw (Netherlands),    4. Femme (France),    5. Nãri (Bangladesh),   6. Musali (Zambia),   7. On’na (Japan),   8. Umfazi (South-Africa),   9. Woman (UK),    10. Muso (Mali).

kadin2   kobieta2  vrouw2  femme2 nari2 musali2  PENTAX DIGITAL CAMERA  umfazi2  woman2 muso2

Each of the ten ladies also have something extra that has been added to the painting: sun-glasses, necklace, earring, dress straps, nose jewel, hair-comb, chopsticks, braid, thick lips, headscarf.



Five women, four of them from Zambia and one (no. 2) from Uganda, all wearing a shirt with the Kubetter logo. The paintings all have the same size (60 x 50 cm) and all are painted with oil on canvas.

1. Kubetter Solwezi, 2. Kubetter Kibale, 3. Kubetter Mongu, 4. Kubetter Senanga, 5. Kubetter Sioma.